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We encourage and accept donations from Individuals, Corporations and Non Profit Organizations.

When you become a Donating Member of Theo Ratliff Foundation, you join a network of individuals who are committed to a mission of educating, inspiring and empowering youth globally through financial literacy, education and leadership development. Your donations will help fund programs that are uniquely designed to strengthen communities and families.

We firmly believe in a commitment of excellence with our Donating Members, exemplified by frequent reporting of our shared success. As a Donating Member, you should expect to receive updates from our Founder, Board of Directors and Staff, detailing how your donations are being invested and the positive impact globally. We have structured our donation tiers to meet the ability and/or budget of individuals and organizations who are eager to serve.

Featured Programs

  • Banking On Our Future (BOOF)
  • Hope Business In A Box (HBIAB)
  • Project Contact Africa
  • The Drake House”