Our Reach

Where we work

where we work

Our commitment to enriching the lives of youth globally is best represented by supported programs that extend from the United States of American to African countries in need.

Theo Ratliff Foundation has established strategic partnerships with leading and renowned organizations to provide the necessary resources for building schools, educational programs, delivering sustenance and mentorship globally. As our efforts continue to yield a positive impact, awareness of our success grows and donations increase, we will further extend our reach to more global communities.

How we work

Why We Work

Our Founder, Theo Ratliff, believes that “We should all be committed to building a legacy of serving”. It is this belief that compels Theo Ratliff Foundation each day, to serve with humility and an outstanding dedication.

Our Ambassadors, Partners and Donating Members share our values, and invest in our mission and vision of enriching the lives of youth globally.