Project Contact Africa


Project Contact began as an organization for the exchange of people and expertise between East Africa and the United States. Initially, the focus of the organization’s activities was on the teacher training. As time progressed, people we were working with expressed a greater need for medical care for the children. The organization responded by bringing medical relief teams into the schools of the slums.

We are looking for heroes. If you have ever wanted to be a Robin Hood or a Zorro, we can give you the chance to be just that. There are thousands of people that need your help and need it badly. By joining Project Contact Africa and volunteering your time to work in our clinic or orphanage you can make a world of difference to those in need.


  • To promote access to and the delivery of quality medical care to underserved populations living in slum areas.
  • To promote grassroots community-based projects that create sustainable long term relationships and projects that improve the basic quality of life for people living in the slums, especially in regards to water, sanitation and basic health services.
  • To promote relationships between US and Kenyan medical personnel to improve access to quality healthcare for people living in the slums.
  • To provide medical supplies, medicines and medical expertise to organizations in Kenya working with people living in the slums.
  • To provide a structured educational learning opportunity for students and volunteers from around the world to participate in the alleviation of poverty and suffering in slum communities.
  • To promote research directed toward improving the health care and living conditions of underserved slum dwellers.

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