The Drake House


The Drake House is a crisis residential assessment center for homeless women and children in North Fulton. We provide immediate residential housing, combined with an empowerment program designed to provide stability for the children and assist the family in working toward housing self sufficiency.


The Drake House Residential Assessment Center addresses a long-standing need for emergency housing for women and children in the north Fulton community. We offer residential housing and in-depth assessments to approximately 40-50 families a year. Each family stays approximately 90 days. The target population is single mothers with minor children. These mothers may be unemployed or underemployed and lack sufficient income to meet all the expenses of life in the North Fulton community.


Women and children entering The Drake House are offered a variety of support services to empower and educate them and move them towards self-sufficiency. Residents participate in a goal setting process and an empowerment plan. Initial goals include addressing medical needs of the mother and the children, and the educational needs of the children. Onsite life skills classes are conducted every Monday evening on topics such as job readiness, personal finances, parenting skills, and health and wellness. An advocacy program provides encouragement, motivation, and support during the family’s stay.

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